Calgary Demographic Trends (2/2)

As the city of Calgary has grown in recent years, the city has had to stop growing out, and grow up. The idea behind this proof of concept for the City of Calgary was to do a time series analysis to see where the age demographics are living in the city. We want to know where seniors and youth are moving in the city, and we’d like to know if the appropriate services are in those neighbourhoods.

The Hypothesis
The rapid increase in the price of housing may have forced seniors into lower income neighbourhoods. New families in the city would remain in the neighbourhoods that provide services pertinent to youth (parks & schools).

The Conclusion
The elderly remain mostly unchanged. This population is least likely to immigrate to the city, and can be assumed that they already own a home that they acquired in their adult life. Dalhousie, Edgemont, Varsity and Signal hill remained the most likely neighbourhoods to help someone cross the street.

The youth pattern in the city shows that this demographic has migrated to Panorama Hills, Tuscany, Martindale, and Saddle Ridge, heavily concentrated in new communities. This speaks to the affordability and availability of housing. It would be interesting to overlay median income and median household price in this data set to see if this is merely correlation or causation.

Use the slider at the top right of the graph to go through the census years.
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