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The following links provide substance behind our value proposition.  We are not alone in our manifesto.

Broken links Why analytics investments have yet to pay off (Economist) – A great economist intelligence unit outlining the gaps in the analytics value chain, compiled from the results of a survey of executives trying to use analytics in a variety of capacities.

How advanced analytics can drive productivity (podcast included (McKinsey) – An excellent read describing the current technological maturity of the industry, organizational and regulatory barriers.  Also a very good overview of the data plumbers, data scientists, and data translators.

Straight talk about big data (McKinsey) – Business led approaches to big data tend to be more effective.  This article identifies some of the shortcomings in translating knowledge into the bottom line.  Shortcomings include an insufficient supply of “translators”, a dedicated team and leader tasked with an analytics role, and barriers in getting this information to the front line.

Why IT Fumbles Analytics – HBR – A great comparison of analytics projects and traditional IT projects, outlining the key differences between the two.

Mobilizing your C-suite for big-data analytics (McKinsey) – An older article (Nov 2013), describing organizational capability, securing analytics resources, and leadership capacity.  Considering the industry will evolve to solidify a Chief Analytics Officer, this article describes the pieces to get there.  It suggests ways to implement that in the business.

How CEOs Can Keep Their Analytics Programs from Being a Waste of Time (HBR) – The HBR authors identify several dynamics in the executive team, namely dealing with the shift in power that analytics brings with it, and how it should be managed.  Choosing the right leader and creating the correct environment for that data culture are also identified.

Sustaining an Analytics Advantage (MITSloan) – This article is geared mostly to retail, however #5 is paramount to any organization trying to implement analytics solutions.  It contains insight on how to truly create a data driven corporation.

The need to lead in data and analytics (McKinsey) – A McKinsey survey of what executives perceive to be doing correctly and incorrectly in the analytics domain.

Far better an approximate answer to the right question, which is often vague, than the exact answer to the wrong question, which can always be made precise. -John Tukey
The plural of anecdote is not data. - John Myles White

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