Quantifying the impact of methane emissions in Alberta upstream oil and gas – Part 2

What types of wells might have a disproportionate emissions rate?

Initially, I was curious if the vented / flared emissions were related to the type of well.  In other words, does the increase in horizontal wells correlate to venting volumes in any way?

The answer to that questions is no.  As you click through the different types of batteries, you can see the directional wells (blue), horizontal wells (red), and vertical wells (black) displayed on the graph below.  Note that the dips in the number of wells has a number of large steps in it.  Those are data errors, and should be ignored.


For example, if you select the crude bitumen multi well batteries, you’ll see that there’s a large increase in horizontal and directional wells for that production that doesn’t correlate at all to the volumes vented.  In fact, the number of horizontal bitumen wells goes from 361 in 200 to a high of 2835 late 2014, while vented volumes remain flat.

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