Quantifying the impact of methane emissions in Alberta upstream oil and gas – Part 3

Has the industry gotten better at dealing with large venting events?

Venting categories define batteries that have had events where they were emitting within that category at any time in the last three years.

There seems to have been a large spike of methane emissions in 2001, but those same batteries have largely been fixed since then.  The chart of on the bottom points to the fact that the number of facilities in those categories remained relatively stable, while the emitted emissions were reduced by 4x in the period between 2001 and 2013.

If we wanted to look at these big emission events through the lens of production, you’ll see that the large emission events decline, while production remains relatively stable.  Note that the dips in the number of wells has a number of large steps in it.  Those are data errors, and should be ignored.

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