Technical References

The following links are technology references, not related to the business at all.

Calgary Power BI User group

Here are some links I’ve been keeping, that I will likely reference as we begin to build out some themes on this site.

Data Sources for the city of Calgary Hackathon

Energy efficiency, courtesy Barend.

Platform Analysis

Power BI references

  • DAX Studio – A very useful tool for looking at DAX query plans and execution statistics.
  • DAX Formatter – A handy tool for formatting DAX and embedding it in HTML
  • DAX hints
  • Dustin Ryan – Independant analytic consultant references
  • Data savvy – Independent analytic consultant references
  • DAX patterns
  •  – She has a good reference on how to scale up sharing in powerBI
  • Kasper on BI

Tableau repositories


  • SQLML – Summary of stats, algos, and maths related to machine learning and the MS stack.
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